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Andrew Jefferson,
Federation of  Americans waiting
to be born

Re-Humanizing the VERY YOUNG CITIZEN

The pro-abortion forces have masterfully used  language
to promote and control their agenda. Words have power. Their
"Semantic Gymnastics"  have been used since the 60's, and
earlier in the process of laying the groundwork for their industry
of death. 1

The result is a "Language Barrier" of the worst kind. More than
just a barrier, a wall of separation between the falsehood of
"choice" and the truth that abortion is murder. It's origin is from
the one who is the father of lies and a murderer from the beginning.

Amazingly, a 1963 Planned Parenthood brochure actually states:
have changed.

Through the manipulation of language, the culture of death has
the majority of Americans thinking of their fellow citizens waiting
to be born as anything and everything but citizens with equal
rights. And the fact is most people don't concern themselves
with others they can't see and never meet.

Our following ideas pertain to language as it relates to
communicating about the unborn citizen. To put them in a
more personable light, so they are thought of and referred
to as "real" people - ordinary American citizens.

Our concept is this: Once you attach a name to a face and
something about the person -  where they live, what they do;
and then introduce them and ask people to say hello, the
person becomes "real" and empathy is possible.
At this point if the reader is honest, the language
barrier starts to fall.

The following is an example of the new language for the Culture
of Life. It's goal is to establish a personal link between the
American citizen on the street and the American citizen
waiting to be born. It developed from the NRLC ad "She's
A Child-Not A Choice" which had a great impact. We believe
this solidly builds on that ad. Keep in mind, the idea can be
modified and utilized in many different ways, (age & cultural
groups);  a short sentence to a short story. It can be used in any
form of  Pro-Life advertising to effectively speak the truth;
TV, Print, maybe even radio.

Say Hello to Patricia

She Just Moved From
Dallas To New Orleans,
And She Just Loves Jazz.

In fact, there are millions of American's just like
Patty who move, go shopping, and all the other
things Americans are free to do.
Shouldn't they all be free to live their lives like Patty?

LIFE-What a Beautiful Gift!

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The pro-life side must halt this twisting of language and  take the upper hand. With imagination we can take control. In today's culture more than ever before, perception becomes reality.  We must reverse the false perception of "choice" in a way that people will learn the truth and will pay attention to.

VERY Young Children's Stories

Give a BIG Texas howdy to Michelle! She
and her family just recently moved from
Florida to Texas. She' been living in
Texas with her mom, dad, and older
brother for about four months now. She's
growing up quick, and is going to be a
great big Texan soon! Next spring,
Michelle will be playing with her older
brother Jason and some new kids on
the block that are about her age.

Here's a picture of her older brother
Jason from around Thanksgiving of
96'. He's a lot bigger now, and playing
T-ball! When this picture was taken,
their dad was working at the Sunshine
widget factory in Orlando; and their
mom was teaching kindergarten.

By the time this picture was taken,
Jason had been going to school
early every morning with his mom
for a whole semester. Later, when
Jason was cutting his teeth, his
mom quit her job to be a stay at
home mother. She's very happy
and he is too.

With the right words, we can more fully show their
Humanity. We must stop limiting ourselves with
impersonal words like preborn, unborn; & (most
especially: IT'S-a baby) et al. These people are
American citizens, just like you and just like me!
We must call them American citizens. These people got their start in Life just like everyone else. If we truly believe they are persons with unalienable rights, we must speak about them accordingly.

These are red blooded American citizens. They dream, have
habits, likes and dislikes just like the rest of us. They are a part
of families and are members of communities. They are a part
of neighborhoods. They move from state to state. They fly in
airplanes and travel with their parents. They sometimes get
tied up in traffic and are late for doctor appointments.

We must open our eyes and hearts to their Humanity. It can be difficult to connect and feel a personal kinship with someone we can not see. We Christians say we have a personal relationship with Jesus; and so it can be with our Littlest Brothers and Sisters in the Lord. The Spirit will speak through us on their behalf. We MUST not let the pro-aborts define and control the words used. We MUST not stoop down to the enemies level. If we speak the Truth in the Spirit, we will speak above their words of death and lies.


Hello, my name is Andrew
Jefferson. I am the current
president of and spokesman
for the Federation of
Americans waiting
to be born.

We want to help you - help us.

The most important thing you
can do is to show us for who
we are - American citizens!

The single greatest instinct
humans have is to survive,
even we VERY young citizens
know this.

My great (x12) grandfather, Thomas, wrote "... that  ALL men are created
equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable
Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--
That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men,
deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --
That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these
ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute
new Government..."

We at the Federation want to point out that abortion "laws" are destructive of
our constitutional and unalienable Rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of
Happiness. While we do not wish to abolish our Government, we MUST
alter it, in order to secure these Rights - (OUR RIGHTS !!!) enumerated
in the Declaration.  Because as unbelievable as it sounds, the
womb has become the most dangerous place in America!

In order to achieve these most just and noble goals,
we propose that the Pro-Life movement must first
PERSON-ALIZE us, so that our fellow Americans
finally acknowledge us as "... equal ...  with certain
unalienable Rights"

Our nation and it's founding principles,
The Declaration of Independence, and
the Constitution are literally dying with
our aborted citizens!

I would like to close with this thought. Each time
one of us is murdered and robbed of our Rights;
your rights, and very lives become less secure.

Thank you for considering my ideas, I sincerly hope we can meet in person one day.

God Bless,

 Andrew Jefferson, President
 Federation of  Americans waiting to be born.

Here is another example of how with words, we can greatly
emphasize the Unborn Citizens Humanity... these
Very Young Children's Personhood.

Say hello to Henry, he's a jazz man. His dad plays the drums in a local jazz quartet. His mom prefers classical music, but that just puts him to sleep. But when his dad comes home from work and turns up the Miles Davis, Henry starts to groove! Next summer when he gets bigger, Henry is going to pound away on his dad's drum kit. The guitarist in the quartet is Alex, he's a great friend of the family. His little boy David is about one month older than Henry. When the quartet gets together to practice, and their moms bring them to listen, Henry and David just start kicking and groovin' like nobody's business. Their moms' get tired from all their playing around, so they often have to sit down and rest; but these young boys just keep groovin' along!


The Pro-Life side has been somehow
stunted linguistically by the culture of
death. We still say "it's a baby." An
improved phrase is "She's a baby."
A major advance has been ultrasound
Pro-Life messages have children's
voices as if they are the unborn child
in the video; this is powerful.

But we still have fallen far short of
speaking of these
than: Baby, person, alive, preborn,
unborn et al. Many  parents who
know the sex of their
VERY YOUNG CHILD, begin to use
their name months before
birth. This is simple and very Pro-Life!


Andy at Mamaw's
4th Of July Picnic!

Andy at Home for

We must step back and look at the entire language used on
both sides, and how it  is only conducive in large part, to the
pro-choice side.

The Pro-Life side has spoken about this from the beginning.
Unfortunately, we have allowed ourselves to be kept on the
defensive. We must not use their language; they have
thoroughly manipulated us with it.  

Next example:
Meet Susan. Last Friday, her mom took her and her older brother Matthew to see the new children's movie at the Cineplex. Her brother Matthew seemed to love it, but she slept through most of it and just sucked her thumb. But, she did start to kick and kind of dance when the theme song played. She really seemed to like the rhythm.

This concept is only the beginning. If we open our minds and hearts, this can be a great tool in the defense of Life!


We must step back from our hard fought battles and ask; in
the last 30 years how well have we personalized our fellow
American citizens who are waiting to be born. Lord knows
the tremendous sacrifices the Pro-Life movement has given
for the defense of Life. And yet still the vast populace thinks of
them in terms that come from the dark bowels of Planned
Parenthood. And now, if we sharpen our pencils and put our
thinking caps on, we might present the Truth and Beauty of
Very Young Children in a way that might change minds today
and hearts tomorrow.

God has made us in His image and likeness;
with intellect and will. He has blessed us with
an intellect to communicate with Him and
each other. He offers us time and again the
grace to rise above the fray.

(Please see AND READ  Dr. William Brennan's excellent work:
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"Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me!"

Back in the 1960's before Planned Parenthood realized that using scientific truths in its literature would lessen its revenue, it was halfway honest.

A 1963 Planned Parenthood brochure actually says "An abortion kills the life of a baby after it has begun." That's something we pro-lifers didn't start saying en mass until years later!

A book from 1969 reviewed below states: '... at least one [sperm] will reach the egg, fertilize it, and conception will take place. A new life will begin.'

Eventually Planned Barrenhood saw that for their industry of death to maximize profits,
truth would not be their "best policy".

"Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me!"

While the words won't, the deceitful manipulation and misapplication
of words in law has been the greatest cause of death in history.

Pro-Choice Advocates Agree that Abortion Kills Humans.

Many abortion advocates have agreed that abortion kills human life: A 1963 Planned Parenthood brochure says that life begins at conception: "An abortion kills the life of a baby after it has begun."{01} Former Planned Parenthood President Faye Wattleton admits that the preborn are alive in her 1986 book:
"There are many sperm cells in the [seminal] fluid. If one of them meets an egg cell inside the mother, new life can begin to grow... If one of your friends is pregnant, ask her to let your child 'feel the baby move.' ... A baby grows in a special place inside the mother, called the uterus -- not in her stomach. In nine months it is born."{02}

Similarly, Dr. Mary Calderone, former director of Planned Parenthood has stated that "[a]bortion is the taking of a human life"{03} and Dr. Alan Guttmacher,{04} former president of Planned Parenthood and founder of the Guttmacher Institute, the research affiliate of Planned Parenthood, has stated "[f]ertilization has then taken place; a baby has been conceived."{05} {06} While many abortion defenders readily concede that abortion kills human life, it is necessary to expound on this point because examining the nature of the unborn human being at the point of conception shows the inherent dignity that we all share from our biologic beginnings that are hidden from eyes of the world.

Not only have representatives from the nations largest abortion provider agreed that life begins at conception, but others who support abortion have agreed that abortion is murder. Dr. Magda Denes who performed two years of research in an abortion facility and compiled her results{07} told a Chicago newspaper "There wasn't an (abortion) doctor who at one time or another in the questioning did not say `this is murder.'"{08} Even Kate Michelman, President of N.AR.A.L. seems to be moving in the direction of agreeing that abortion is murder by her statement that "[a]bortion is a bad thing."{09} Others who have at one time been heavily involved with abortion have later agreed, such as "Jane Roe" Norma McCorvey, Dr. Bernard Nathanson, and Carol Everett.

In addition, everyone who uses the term "fetus" unwittingly acknowledges that the unborn human is an unborn child because fetus is Latin for "unborn child." Unfortunately for the unborn child, the term fetus has fallen into use as a way of dehumanizing the unborn child, as shown by the primary use of this term by people when they are arguing for abortion rights, in comparison to when they are discussing a baby that is wanted by the mother.

Planned Parenthood admits: Life begins at conception

IN THE 1960'S, the terminology of medical texts had not yet been changed to dehumanize life in the womb. (The pregnant woman was "the mother" and the fetus was "the child" or "baby.")  The legal and political system had not yet corrupted the scientific realities of life before birth.

In 1969 McGraw-Hill Inc. was publishing a book on Conception, Birth and Contraception and needed some input from an authority on the subject. It turned to Planned Parenthood and the Sex Information & Education Council of the United States (SIECUS).

"This book provides a solid base for understanding the anatomy of reproduction," wrote Mary S. Calderone, MD, Executive Director of SIECUS, in her Introduction to the 129-page book. "Access to such fine books as this one will assure our young people that ... finally adults are becoming willing to 'tell it like it is.'"

Similarly, "Dr. George Langmyhr of Planned Parenthood Federation of America ... reviewed the material on contraception," state authors Robert J. Demarest and John J. Sciarra, MD, PhD, in their Foreword.

Within the pages of Conception, Birth and Contraception, however, the pro-life position is presented with pictorial and verbal accuracy. The book clearly pushes contraceptives, with some faulty information on the safety of the IUD, etc., but the personhood of the unborn is fully supported throughout the text.

In fact, the book's own glossary definition of the term "fetus" begins with: "An unborn child." Pregnancy, likewise, is defined as: "The condition of being with child."

In the aftermath of Roe v. Wade, of course, today's Planned Parenthood -- largest abortion provider in the world -- would never admit that life begins at conception, or depict the infant in utero, in full-page illustrations, as a person. To do so, would suggest not only a violation of rights, but even murder, in the diabolical Roe v. Wade decision.

No doubt today's SIECUS, as well, would attempt to discredit the pro-life (factual) content of this "fine book" which it's leader in 1969 described so positively.

Some excerpts

Following are some excerpts from the book, approved by Planned Parenthood and SIECUS four years before the legalization of abortion:

"... at least one [sperm] will reach the egg, fertilize it, and conception will take place. A new life will begin." (page 15)

"... the egg which, if fertilized, gives rise to a new life." (page 3)

"From fertilization to delivery, mother and child are as one for approximately 266 days. At the end of the period the mother delivers the infant into the world ..." (page 3)

"It is the female who carries the baby during the nine months of its prenatal life." (page 17)

"However small it may be, the egg is about two thousand times as large as the sperm that must fertilize it. carries the food the growing embryo will use during the first few days of its life." (page 26)

"... to grow within the mother." (page 32)

"The inherited characteristics of the baby to be born ... are determined by material within the egg and sperm ... each mature egg contains genetic material carrying the inheritable characteristics of the mother ... the child receives inherited characteristics from both parents." (page 50)

"The placenta ... transfers nourishment from the mother ...." (page 53)

"... ectopic pregnanc[ies] ... are dangerous to the mother and provide no possibility of a live child." (page 53)

"The growth of the baby within the uterus takes nine calendar months." (page 57)

"The sex ... could also be determined by examining under a microscope cells which are present in the amniotic fluid ... however, the doctor would have to puncture the amniotic cavity. This procedure is not undertaken except under very unusual circumstances having to do with the baby's health. So until the baby is delivered, no one knows whether it is a boy or a girl." (page 61)

"... the bloodstreams of mother and fetus ... never touch, and the blood in each remains separate. Oxygen and nutrients pass through the placenta, from the bloodstream of the mother to the fetus, and waste products from the fetus pass in the reverse direction into the bloodstream of the mother." (page 64) [i.e., the fetus is not part of the mother's body]

"... a doctor examining the mother can hear the fetal heartbeat ... The mother can feel the movement ... its arms and legs ..." (page 65)

"... the doctor may perform an operation called a cesarean section and remove the baby ..." (page 68)

".. its head is well down in the pelvic area of the mother -- the ideal position for it when the birth process begins." (page 68)

"The new life that has been growing within the mother for approximately nine months is now ready to enter the world. The passage of the baby through the birth canal is called delivery, and the process by which this is accomplished by the mother is called labor... Occasionally, a baby is born before thirty-eight weeks ... and the baby's chance of survival depends upon its weight and state of development at birth. When it is time for delivery, the mother begins to experience uterine contractions.... felt by the mother in her back ..." (page 72)

{01}Plan Your Children (Planned Parenthood, 1963).  (The pamphlet also informs the reader that "[abortion] is dangerous to your life and health. it may make you sterile, so that when you want a child you cannot have it ... [in comparison] [b]irth control merely postpones the beginning of life.").
{02}Faye Wattleton, How to Talk with Your Child About Sexuality 95 (1986).
{03}Dr. Mary Calderone, Illegal Abortion as a Public Health Problem, 50 American Journal of Public Health 7, 951 (1960). ("..when a woman seeking abortion is given the chance of talking over her problem with a properly trained and oriented person, she will in the process very often resolve many of her qualms and will spontaneously decide to see her prenancy through... so I am not for abortion...")
{04}Katherine S. O'Keefe, Crypto-Eugenics: The Hidden Agenda of Planned Parenthood Appendix B (1991). Katharine S. O'Keefe, American Eugenics Society 1922-1994 (rev. Dec. 8, 1993, ver. 6.8). Director, American Eugenics Society, 1955; V.P. 1956-63; Director 1964-66 MD; d. Mar. 18, 1974; President, Planned Parenthood Federation of America 1962-1974; Mount Sinai New York 1952-66 (Director of Obstetrics 1952-62; Director Emeritus 1962-); Association for the Study of Abortion; C.m., Lanker Committee 1961; Founder, American Association of Planned Parenthood Physicians 1963; International Planned Parenthood Federation (Management and Planning Committee (196263, 1964); Medical Committee, (1961-62, C.m..., 1964-68); Regional representative, Western Hemisphere (1962-63, 1964); Council 196162; consultant, IPPF medical publications and IPPF newsletter when Dorothy Brush was editor 1952-56; Western Hemisphere Regional Council 1955); in 1968 IPPF was assigned to assist the government of Botswana in developing family planning following visits by A. Guttmacher according to ARTW, Dec. 1968.
{05}Birth Control and Love: The Complete Guide to Contraception and Fertility 12 (1961) quoted in Stephen M. Krason, Abortion: Politics, Morality, and the Constitution : A Critical Study of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton and a Basis for Change 445 (1984).
{06}Planning Your Family 16 (1964).
{07}In Necessity and Sorrow: Life and Death in an Abortion Hospital (1976).
{08}Daily News, Oct. 22, 1976.
{09}Philadelphia Enquirer, Dec. 11, 1993.

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Abortion and the English Language

In his famous essay "Politics and the English Language," George Orwell analyzed the corrupting influence of dishonest politics on the way we speak and think. There is no better example than the effect abortion has had on our language.

Though abortion – including the killing of viable infants at the verge of birth – is now a sacrament of the Democratic Party, nobody admits to being "pro-abortion"; they are "pro-choice." This is an obvious lie. The right to choose anything presupposes the right to live. The child, fetus, embryo, or whatever you want to call the entity growing within its mother’s womb has no "choice" about being killed. It will never have a choice about anything.

The pro-abortion side is pro-abortion in the same way that advocates of slavery were pro-slavery. "Oh," they protest, "but we don’t insist that everyone get an abortion; we only want people" – that is, mothers – "to have a choice!" Then nobody was pro-slavery either, since nobody insisted that every white man own a slave; they were "pro-choice." They wanted each white man to be "free" to decide whether to buy slaves; or they wanted every state to decide whether to permit slavery. Of course they overlooked the obvious fact that the slaves themselves had no choice; in their minds this was irrelevant.

The bad conscience of the pro-aborters shows in their studious avoidance of the word kill to describe what abortion is. Why be coy about it? We don’t mind speaking of "killing" when we kill lower life forms. Lawn products kill weeds; mouthwashes kill germs; insecticides kill bugs; mousetraps kill mice. If the human fetus is an insignificant little thing, why shrink from saying an abortion kills it? But the pro-abortion side prefers the evasive euphemism that abortion "terminates a pregnancy."

As Orwell noted, dishonest people instinctively prefer the abstract to the concrete. Abstract language avoids creating unpleasant mental images that might cause horror and shame; concrete language may remind us of what we are really doing. This is why military jargon dehumanizes the targets of bombs and artillery: so that soldiers and pilots won’t vividly imagine the men, women, and children they are killing. Part of the job of military leadership is to anesthetize the consciences of fighting men. And political leaders (who usually start the wars in the first place) do their part by describing the bombing of cities as "defending freedom."

In the modern world people are trained to avoid looking directly at the effects of violence they commit or sanction. If possible, the killing is delegated to specialists, who themselves are increasingly remote from their victims – as in recent U.S. bombings of Iraq and Yugoslavia, where American casualties were nearly zero. Most of us don’t mind if our military kills people on the other side of the world; we feel no pain, even vicariously. We may even buy the official explanation that our bombs are "preventing another Holocaust." It may seem otherwise to the Iraqis and Slavs on whose homes those bombs are falling.

But just as the news media refrain from showing us what those bombs actually do, they never show us what an abortion looks like. They even refuse to carry ads by abortion opponents, on grounds that pictures of slaughtered fetuses are in "bad taste." They certainly are in bad taste; all atrocities are. But the media are willing to show some atrocities, as in the killing fields of Rwanda a few years ago. Since we’re forever debating abortion, why not let us see one? Why the blackout?

The answer, of course, is that the news media themselves are pro-abortion. They adopt the dishonest language of the pro-abortion side: pro-choice, fetus, terminate, and – my favorite – abortion provider (to make the abortionist sound like a humanitarian).

A few years ago NBC produced a sympathetic movie about a woman seeking an abortion – Norma McCorvey, the "Roe" of Roe v. Wade. But when Mrs. McCorvey later changed her mind and became an active opponent of abortion, did NBC do a sequel? Unimaginable.

We have to keep our guard up at all times against political language, especially in seemingly bland journalism, that is subtly infected with propagandistic purposes.

September 8, 2000

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...and a little child shall lead them