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Roe v Wade AT 30

January 15, 2003         Press Release

Abortion would be illegal-If
only we did one simple thing…

Abortion was “legalized” in the Soviet Union in 1920.  China followed suit about a decade later.  Great Britain “legalized” the murder of children waiting to be born in 1967.  Six short years later, our own Supreme Court decided that it is “legal” for a woman to hire her “doctor” to destroy her own unborn child. The major Christian denominations were aware of what was spreading throughout the world, and had 50+ years of advanced warnings leading up to Roe v Wade.  The Catholic Church and many mainline Protestant Churches openly condemned these abominations of justice. After the decision of Roe v Wade, Church leaders quickly started measures to end legalized abortion.  However, they failed in the most critical area that would be effective in ending the culture of death: thorough and proper education of school-age children regarding the sanctity of life.  After three decades, this failure remains. Only by finally addressing this problem and moving to correct it can we begin to change our culture and the law.

As a whole, Christian schools continue graduating more voters and future government leaders whose record of defending Life is no better than the national average.  Proof of this sad reality is evident with every election and with every legislative session.  Yet in all the strategies for Pro-Life victory, Christian school students have been virtually overlooked.  Thirty years later, the culture of death has become further entrenched.  However, our Movement continues to be primarily focused on changing the hearts and minds of adults. Few would argue that it is much harder to change the minds of adults than it is to properly form the minds of children, especially in matters of morality.  Since the decision of Roe v. Wade, tens of millions of Christian school students could have received a comprehensive Pro-Life education.  This group would today constitute a huge voting block; and with them,
the American Holocaust might have already ended.

We are caught in this self-defeating cycle of death that must stop. Participation of the leadership of our Movement, especially those who have authority in the Churches and schools, will be imperative if we are to effect this change.  It is crucial that these leaders recognize the dire need for a major change in the way this life-and-death battle has been handled for the last 30 years.  

The spirit in the schools of one generation,
Is the spirit in the Government of the next.

Christian educators have a captive audience of school students whose minds are open vessels for learning the truth about the sanctity of life.  There is no valid reason why the comprehensive teaching of the sanctity of life before birth is not mandatory in all Christian schools, Bible study, and CCD classes, especially since Roe v. Wade. If the scourge of state-sanctioned abortion is ever to be reversed, Church leaders will have to exercise their responsibility and MANDATE that students be taught comprehensively about the sanctity of life before birth, and also about a Christian's responsibility to vote for Life.  Pro-Life leaders will have to make this appeal to the leaders of the Church.

In an effort to move toward the implementation of such needed education, we are in the process of developing a thorough “life before birth” teaching program for kindergarten through twelfth grade.  We currently have a working outline available on our website, www.CpForLife.org.  

This education program will steadily increase the momentum of the Culture of Life.  After receiving a Pro-Life education, Christians will place Life as the preeminent factor in their vote.  In turn, this will lead to the defeat of the culture of death.  This program has nothing to do with sex education.  Rather, it teaches about the sanctity of life at all stages of the human continuum, with particular emphasis on the time from conception to birth.  

Even after the Pro-Life victories in the fall of 2002, we are still very far from the needed majorities to actually change the law.  We do not believe there is any way to change the hearts and minds of voters other than with comprehensive education.  It is obvious that many people are not convinced of this.  Thus, a dialogue between Christian educators and Pro-Life leaders with a common goal of developing a comprehensive “life before birth” curriculum for students from kindergarten through twelfth grade is a must.  With this curriculum in place, parents and educators would teach this crucially important material on a regular basis as an integral part of
religious education. Immediately, this program will begin saving lives while progressively weakening
the industry of death each year.

The Missing Key of the Pro-Life Movement at www.CpForLife.org explores this subject thoroughly.  We are also awaiting the availability of a newly developed curriculum by a great team of educators.  This information will also be available at our website as soon as possible, hopefully by early February.  We ask all who agree with the above described concept to contact us at Kevin@CpForLife.org, and also to consider forwarding this document as widely as possible.  United, we can make this a reality.

After 30 years of failed politicking, which never addressed the cause of the problem, let's return to the basics.  This is simply the right and Christian thing to do.  For when it comes to the soul of a nation-an uneducated nation is a nation that cannot change.

Kevin M. Jeanfreau, Founder
Christian Patriots for Life    
Edmond G. Jeanfreau
Pro-Life Chairman
Louisiana Knights of Columbus